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There were 620,077 motorcycles registered in Florida in 2020. The weather calls for experiencing the open road by motorcycle, and many people love the dom of having their boots hit the air. It’s why motorcycles often delve into a lifestyle that goes way beyond a mere hobby.

But all of that can shatter out of existence once a motorcycle accident occurs. The vulnerability of motorcycles can also make them dangerous, leading to severe injuries to those who enjoy them. When that happens, you need to focus on recovering from your injuries rather than fighting insurance companies for a fair settlement.

Fortunately, a Jacksonville motorcycle accident lawyer can help you. Leon Law Firm is dedicated to representing victims injured in motorcycle accidents. If you sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, call us today at (904) 944-4515 to schedule a consultation.

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How Can Our Jacksonville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help You Get Your Desired Outcome?

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Motorcycle accident cases often occur because another driver was negligent. Injuries are worse because motorcycles offer less protection than cars, which should produce higher settlements.

But motorcycle claims are often challenging. Insurers are quick to blame the motorcyclist and avoid liability.

Their tactics may include: 

When you hire a motorcycle accident attorney, we can dispute these tactics and hear you out. We will investigate the accident and gather evidence to support your side. Sometimes, we hire accident reconstruction engineers and other experts to build a stronger claim for you.

These tasks can overwhelm you if you need extended recovery time. By delegating your case to us, you can focus on recovering and stress less about the accident. 

The Statistics of Motorcycle Crashes in Jacksonville, FL

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) releases crash reports yearly. For 2020, there were:

In Florida, 51% of those deaths were unprotected motorcycle riders, and 33% of all fatalities drove while impaired on drugs and alcohol. That is where many unfair stereotypes come from, and insurers will try to use them against you.

Duval County is in the top 10 Florida motorcycle crashes using a 3-year average from 2018 to 2020. That average was 412 crashes, 22 fatalities, and 349 injuries.

The main thing to take away from this statistic is: Only 41 motorcyclists walked away from an accident without injuries or death. 

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Jacksonville

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The causes of motorcycle crashes are the same as auto collisions. However, they occur under different circumstances due to motorcycles’ small size and maneuverability.

Distracted Driving

The growth of mobile and in-vehicle technology contributes to distracted driving. It shows no signs of decreasing. In 2018, distracted drivers caused 2,841 deaths and 400,000 injuries. The problem failed to improve in 2020; distracted drivers killed 3,142 people that year.

Distracted drivers are less likely to see motorcyclists. They may miss checking blindspots or cut off a motorcycle, which doesn’t have the quick braking ability of cars. 41% of car-motorcycle collisions occur because drivers don’t see them.

Florida and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration run “see motorcycles” campaigns. Research supports their conclusions that drivers keeping a better lookout will result in fewer motorcycle accident injuries and death. 

Driving Under the Influence

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As indicated above, 33% of motorcycle fatalities in Florida resulted from impaired operators.

This problem isn’t limited to Florida. The NHTSA estimates that 27% of motorcyclists killed in 2020 were drunk. They are the highest percentage of alcohol impairment fatalities when compared to other groups of drivers. (Other drivers are 23% for passenger cars, 19% for light trucks, and 3% for large trucks.)

Also, even sober motorcyclists are at risk. Drunk driving accidents are notoriously catastrophic. But the injuries will likely be severe and life-changing when that impaired driver hits a motorcycle. 


Speed is a frequent factor in all accidents. In 2020, 29% of accident fatalities were due to speeding. Motorcycles don’t escape this reality. 34% of motorcyclists who died in crashes were speeding.

When a driver or motorcyclist speeds, it shortens reaction time and stopping distances. Speed also exaggerates turns, making it very easy to overcorrect on curvier roads. While cars can lose control with overcorrection, motorcyclists risk flipping or making their bikes fall sideways, resulting in road rash, head injuries, burns, and bone fractures. 

Unsafe Lane Changes

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Unsafe lane changes go back to drivers not seeing motorcycles. Because they are smaller, motorcycles often hide in blind spots.

Drivers frequently underestimate their blind spots. Since nearly half of a car’s outside area is in a blindspot, that places motorcyclists in danger. Drivers either need to purchase blindspot mirrors to help them check these tight places or manually check blindspots rather than rely on mirrors.

Proving Negligence in a Motorcycle Crash

Negligence is a legal theory that allows people to hold another person responsible for their injuries. To prove it, you must show these elements: 

Even straightforward accidents can fail these elements if the right evidence doesn’t surface. That’s why our attorneys put so much effort into:

Damages You Can Recover in Successful Motorcycle Accident Claims

Your settlement amount is based on your damages. There are two types of damages: economic and non-economic.

Economic damages are easy to document and show. They include expenses you incurred from an accident like lost wages, repair bills, medical treatment expenses, and costs arising from extra services, like home nursing care, housecleaning, additional childcare, or landscaping.

Non-economic damages are subjective. They are more about your personal experience than anything documentable. Examples of this are pain and suffering and emotional trauma. They can be harder to prove, but you can still receive compensation. 

Medical Bills

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Any medical expenses you incurred due to injuries or psychological impacts are compensable. When your treatment provider indicates you have reached maximum recovery, we total your medical bills and include that number with the settlement request.

However, motorcycle accidents frequently cause disabling injuries. In those cases, we request an amount for future medical treatment too. We may also request additional funds for home remodeling, mobility devices, or car modifications to support your independence.

Lost Wages

You will likely miss work after an accident. It may be because you’re in too much pain to function at work or you cannot work. For example, you may not be able to work as a mechanic if you break your hand. Head injuries also interfere with work; even desk workers find it difficult to concentrate if they have a foggy mind or constant headaches.

You are entitled to receive those lost wages in your settlement. We document them by showing pay stubs that compare your income before the accident to where it is now.

If your limitations are permanent, you can also receive money for future lost income potential. These awards can be immense if you can’t return to a high-paying profession or trade after an accident. 

Property Damage

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Any medical expenses you incurred due to injuries or psychological impacts are compensable. When your treatment provider indicates you have reached maximum recovery, we total your medical bills and include that number with the settlement request.

However, motorcycle accidents frequently cause disabling injuries. In those cases, we request an amount for future medical treatment too. We may also request additional funds for home remodeling, mobility devices, or car modifications to support your independence.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering depend on the degree of the injury and its impact on your life. However, even minor injuries cause pain and inconvenience, so they shouldn’t be overlooked. This damage type is about your experience and quality of life.

For example, you may avoid bone fractures but sustain a concussion. While you recover from that head injury, you may have headaches, difficulty concentrating, heightened emotions, and other experiences that make work and home life challenging. Add in nightmares from the accident, and you will struggle more than before.

Bottom line? Pain, suffering, distress, anxiety, depression, frustration, and inconvenience have a dollar value. You are entitled to receive that! 

Mental Anguish

Mental anguish goes beyond pain and suffering into mental health. Severe accidents often leave victims with psychological conditions like depression, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and anxiety. They may fear driving their cars, even going motorcycling again.

These damages cover treatment and medication. They can also add more to your pain and suffering damages since mental trauma is often difficult to overcome. If your accident causes mental anguish, mention it to your attorney, and don’t be afraid to get help! 

What Sets Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Apart?

Our attorneys know you are likely in pain, overwhelmed, frustrated, and financially pressured after a motorcycle accident. You may worry about paying medical bills while you can’t work full-time, battle a negotiation with an insurance company, or wonder if life will ever return to normal.

That’s a lot for you and your family to handle. It would be best if you weren’t taking it all on alone. At Leon Law Firm, we can handle the insurance claim, accident evidence, and legal aspects while you focus on feeling better. Our years of experience can work for you to ensure taking each step of your claim correctly.

We seek to make your process as stress- and smooth as possible. You can see it in our track record and dedication to maximizing your motorcycle accident claim. 

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