E-2 Visas

E-2 Visas

Do you have a business idea that you want to bring to the United
States? Or are you a foreign national who wants to work for a U.S.
company? If so, you may be eligible for an E-2 visa. If you are
interested in learning more about E-2 visas or if you want to schedule a
consultation with an immigration attorney, contact Leon Law Immigration
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Understanding E-2 Visas

E-2 visas are non-immigrant visas that allow nationals of certain
countries to come to the United States to work in a business that is
owned or controlled by a person from their home country. The E-2 visa is
a great option for entrepreneurs and investors who want to start or
expand their businesses in the United States. Here are the key aspects
of the E-2 Visa…

  • Origin. Only available for nationals from countries with which the U.S. maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation.
  • Investment. The investor must have invested or be actively in the process of investing a substantial amount.
  • Intent. The principal investor should be seeking U.S. entry solely to develop and direct the investment enterprise.
  • Validity. Typically, the E-2 visa is valid for two years, but it can be renewed indefinitely.




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The E-2 Visa Process

Embarking on the E-2 visa journey necessitates:

  • Formulation. Develop a clear business plan that demonstrates the potential of your investment.
  • Investment. Ensure a substantial amount is invested or in the process of being invested.
  • Application. File Form DS-160 and schedule an interview with a U.S. embassy or consulate.
  • Evaluation. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will evaluate the application based on various criteria.
  • Decision. If approved, you’ll be issued the E-2 visa to enter and operate your business in the U.S.


Benefits of E-2 Visas

Choosing the E-2 visa route provides:

  • Flexibility. E-2 visa holders can travel in and out of the U.S. without restrictions.
  • Opportunity. Chance to own and operate your business in a globally recognized marketplace.
  • Extended Stay. Continuous renewability, as long as the business remains operational.
  • Family Benefits. Immediate family members can accompany the visa holder and also have opportunities to work or study in the U.S.

Leon Law Immigration Services for E-2 Visas

Leon Law Immigration, with its expertise in immigration services, offers the following for E-2 Visa aspirants:

  • Comprehensive Consultation. Evaluating the viability of your investment plans for E-2 Visa qualification.
  • Documentation Assistance. Preparing and collating all necessary paperwork, ensuring compliance with U.S. immigration laws.
  • Visa Renewal Guidance. Offering continual support even after visa approval for renewals or changes in status.
  • Representation. Acting as a representative in all E-2 related legal matters.

Ready to make your mark in the U.S. business arena? Reach out for a legal consultation with Leon Law Immigration today.