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Due to the high volume of drug trafficking in the state, the Florida legislature has strengthened enforcement for drug crimes. Drug offenses are serious crimes in Florida, as they are in all other states around the country. The court may create a permanent record even after pleading guilty to a minor drug offense.

State laws and the federal government provide harsh penalties for drug crime offenses. If you are facing a narcotics felony charge, get in touch with a Jacksonville Drug Crimes Attorney right away. At Leon Law Firm, we provide each client with the individualized legal assistance and representation they require.

Our Jacksonville Drug Crime Attorneys have a wide range of expertise in handling these complex criminal defense cases. Call us at (904) 944-4515 or fill up our online form for a initial case evaluation. Decide your next best step with us today!

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Jacksonville Drug Crimes Attorney Helping People defend against drug offenses

lawyer holding pen and paperIt can be frightening to face a crime, mainly if the penalty includes lengthy prison terms and expensive fines. But, you don’t have to go through the criminal court system alone. Give yourself the benefit and assurance of having a knowledgeable drug crime defense lawyer on your side.

Leon Law Firm draws on our technical expertise in managing hundreds of criminal cases. We have defended clients accused of various drug-related offenses involving several illegal substances. We will aggressively protect your rights at every turn. 

Why hire a jacksonville drug crime lawyer?

Jacksonville has a strict legal system for dealing drugs. The city’s special drug court handles all cases involving illicit substances. You could face extensive prison sentences, hefty fines, hurt your career opportunities, and even lose your driver’s license.

An experienced criminal defense attorney is what you need if you face drug accusations in Jacksonville. Our legal team is here at every step, whether advocating on your side or negotiating for a reduced sentence. No case is too little or large. Our attorneys handle every matter without judgment and are here to support you. 

Drug Crime Offense Areas we handle in Jacksonville, FL

people buying illegal drugsFormer prosecutor Attorney Jose Leon has handled thousands of drug crime cases in Jacksonville. He has worked in criminal and misdemeanor courts. Also, many of his cases went to a jury trial’s conclusion.

Leon Law Firm has particular expertise in the following areas of drug crime cases: 

Possession of Marijuana

Section 893.13(6) of Florida Statutes defines possession of marijuana as having the capacity to manage an illegal substance. Possession may be “actual” or “constructive” possession. 

The prosecution must prove the following to establish such:

Sale of Cannabis

Section 893.13 of the Florida Statutes governs Florida’s sale of marijuana (Cannabis) and other controlled substances. Such substances are cocaine, opium, hydrocodone, oxycodone, meth, etc. According to the law, marijuana sales take place when: 

Cultivation of Marijuana

In Florida, Section 893.13(1)(a) mainly governs the production of marijuana. The law forbids making or having the capacity to make a controlled substance. Any individual who violates this statute is guilty of a third-degree felony. Under Florida law, all the following fall under manufacturing: 

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Drug paraphernalia refers to equipment utilized to make, conceal, or use illegal narcotics (Section 893.145). The following are typical examples of drug paraphernalia: 

Possession with intent to sell

Florida statutes forbid “selling, manufacturing, or delivering, or possessing with intent to sell, produce, or deliver a controlled substance.” The prosecution must establish the following three factors to prove such a drug charge:

Possession of cocaine

Cocaine is a “Schedule 2” controlled substance according to Florida Law. Anyone discovered to be in “actual” or “constructive” possession of cocaine is guilty of a third-degree felony. In addition, a conviction for cocaine possession results in a two-year license suspension in Florida.

The prosecution must prove the following three factors to prove possession of cocaine at trial: 

Drug Trafficking

A crucial consideration for a trafficking accusation is the weight of the drugs present. It does not matter whether someone was possessing or selling the substance. It is trafficking if the amount is above the trafficking threshold.

Florida’s trafficking thresholds are relatively low. For example, possessing four grams or more of heroin is already trafficking. Listed below are Florida’s threshold trafficking amounts by drug:

These are the bare minimum requirements the State Attorney’s Office must meet to file a trafficking prosecution against you. The possible minimum mandatory prison time rises in proportion to the amount of drugs included in the charge.

Possession of Prescription Drugs

It is legal to own prescription medications with a legit prescription. Possession without that authorization could result in harsh criminal charges.

Possession of a controlled Substance

In Florida, anyone accused of possessing drugs faces drug charges of “possessing controlled substances.” Possession of almost any substance other than cannabis is a crime in Florida. This charge is serious since anyone guilty could face prison time.

Even if the offender does not have the material in their possession, he may still face conviction.

Penalties for Drug crime convictions in Florida

man in hadcuffs caught with drugsFlorida Statutes 893.13 lists the penalties for drug-related offenses. These accusations vary from second-degree misdemeanors to first-degree felonies.

Drug crimes carry out a mandatory felony sentence. Sentences last up to 5 years in prison and go into a lifelong record. State punishments for drug crimes include: 

Probation will probably be necessary after a conviction. For a drug offense, probation typically includes:

If found guilty, one’s driver’s license may be suspended for two years or until the end of drug treatment, in addition to the immediate penalty.

Types of Illegal Drug In Florida

illegal drugs in FloridaThe range of controlled substances is from one (I) to five (V). The classification depends on the propensity for abuse, medical necessity, and effects of that abuse. Florida Statutes 893.03 provides the following definitions and examples of these schedules:

Possible Defenses Against Drug Charges

drugs in laboratoryOur Jacksonville drug crime lawyers can assess whether defenses might apply in your drug case. Some defenses dispute the claimed facts, witnesses, or supporting documentation. Others focus on procedural flaws.

Some defendants contest drug accusations using an affirmative defense. Presenting proof that they acted lawfully is one example. Another would be to declare the prosecution has insufficient evidence.

Listed below are the various defenses for drug possession: 

Contact an Experienced Jacksonville Drug Crimes Lawyer For A Consultation

law book and gavelFlorida’s prescription drug regulations can be pretty complex and read in many ways. Unfortunately, the law imposes harsh punishments on people who violate the statute. Drug crimes do not involve illicit street substances only. Thus, Florida drug charges are not the simplest for those unfamiliar with the criminal justice system.

A person convicted of a drug offense may be subject to harsh punishments and expensive fines. They may also experience severe consequences. For this reason, one should get a knowledgeable Jacksonville drug crimes attorney immediately. The attorneys at Leon Law Firm are ready to fight for you with their extensive experience and seasoned representation. You may contact us at (904) 944-4515 for a consultation. 

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